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Recycled backpack made of rubberized ponchos of the Italian army and finished in rubber

Made in Italy

Backpack Poncho

  • 100% PP unless discussed with designer otherwise

    Price in Euros

    Immediate delivery

  • Lined with fabrics from recycled clothing

    Supplied with a sachet containing original silicone from Brazil that can be use to clean the caoutchouc parts, since this natural rubber is subject to the same ageing process of leather.

    100% cotton thread seams

    Zippers are made of steel

    Natural latex is used as glue

    AmazonLife logo is engraved on a wooden arrow that is tied to the bag with an organic cotton string , together with a copper wire on which are strung Brazilian paxubao seeds

    To confer a more rigid shape to light fabrics, these are combined with organic cotton and natural latex

    Organic cotton or natural rubber piping

    Natural rubber is obtained from latex extracted from rubber trees in the Amazon forest