Pierre-Louis Mascia on Donna Moderna Magazine

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Featured in the Italian magazine Donna Moderna, Pierre-Louis Mascia silk shawl shows you that a scarf not always means a scarf. As the collection always suggests what appears to be not always is and you might just have fun with it!

Who is Pierre-Louis Mascia?

Pierre-Louis Mascia, a trained illustrator uses collage to create intricate patterns of surprising visual clarity which he prints allover wearable items. Mascia’s compositions are flat patterns that usually begin in 3D, getting closer to their final, flat layout through a process emotional, intuitive edit. When worn, they regain volume. Everything provides inspiration: a mix of vintage fabrics or thorn book pages, laid out in op art mode; antique wallpapers and old pieces of clothing; a curtain, a shadow or maybe even the way tomes are put on a bookshelf. “It all comes from the guts” explains Mascia, who prefers the work to speak by itself.

Reinventing the scarf

Made of recycled fabric from older seasons, this scarf - shawl, tablecloth, skirt? use your imagination! - is made of 100% Silk with hand sewn fringe hems.

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