TALITA is a fashion jewellery house defined by the vibrant personalities of the two founders, Talya Shelley and Carolina Aldrovandi, who launch TALITA in September 2018.

Their multicultural backgrounds, their personal styles and visions are all revealed through contemporary creations as an expression of their diverse identities. Talita is a versatile brand. Whether at the ball or the beach, the office or the street, Talita offers a wide range to suit all occasions; a treasure trove of designs.

The collection consists of powerful elements that embody the sensuality of the female form along with several bold pieces that accentuate and enhance it. Each piece is designed with attitude to empower and evoke emotions. All the pieces are designed for the wearer to create their own statement by mixing and matching the jewellery.

The choice of silver and the use of semi-precious stones arise from the desire to unlock luxury from unaffordable fine jewellery by extending it to high-end and exciting fashion jewellery.

The designs are mostly geometrical and symbolic with a splash of colour while paying homage to the Art Deco shapes, lines and culture of the 70’s.

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