Superfluoo comes from the research and inspiration that world transmits. Every journey, every sensation and every fragrance contaminates our creations.

Our goal is to create objects with a soul, bringing back the nature that surrounds us, with its extraordinary shapes and ability to build and create design. We are focused on creating unique pieces, with their own personality that recalls the emotions and experiences of the world within the environments in which they are inserted, and which at the same time are recognizable in their belonging to a group.

Superfluoo is the combination of art and design, understood as the constant contradiction between art-craft and design.

The incessant curiosity animates the continuous discovery and rediscovery of the evolving nature, of traditional artisan techniques and of innovative and eco-compatible materials. In our laboratory, and in our minds, seeds, vegetables, trees, fruit, animals and rocks enter, and they are transformed into unique pieces.

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