Glück ist, wo Hüte sind. – Luck is where hats are.

Transforming materials into wearable forms, experimentation and reinvention are constant elements in the work of Reinhard Plank.

“I usually use very classical materials such as felt, wool, lapin, straw, paper, etc., but I work a lot on the finishing by experimenting with treatments on how to make a felt hat look like a unique piece. I see each of my creations like little houses.” - says Reinhard Plank.

The label’s aesthetic is a blend of clean lines and minimal tones that are immediately recognizable. Its designs are constantly evolving and transforming the classic forms, reverting back to the artisanal nature of apparel design yet furthering the idea of what the modern topper looks like. Reinhard Plank allows its wearers to recall the times when people genuinely felt the hands of the craftsman in their hats.

With the ambition to create hats that emphasize individuality, uniqueness and excellent workmanship, Reinhard Plank has since 2005 become a leading pioneer when it comes to hat-designers in the contemporary fashion scene.

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