Image by Jakob Owens
Image by Jakob Owens

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masnada was born in 2007, from a successful meeting between a decade of experience and deep passion of Angelo Iannello, the founder, and the creative, talented and passionate design team. Each with imense experience including theatrical costume design in the UK, supervised by Angelo who took the role of creative director.

The collection is a result from an extensive study of shapes and the multiple identities they can become, combined with an profound love for experimentations and research. The results of these can be seen in the choice of materials and traditional methods for the collection. The exclusive fabrics, realized in natural fibers in the soft-hued colors of nature, create a timeless look and longevity of each garment. 

The pure Italian tailoring and craftsmanship is a choice throughout the entire collection with no compromises and also selected on the basis of ethical values in opposition to child exploitation and against any other form of irregularity.

Masnada is aimed at those who love freedom, who are not afraid of breaking preconceived moulds.

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