Image by Jakob Owens
Image by Jakob Owens

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To wear freedom

I strongly believe that comfort makes the body peaceful. And that elegance and beauty are the natural outgrowth of that feeling. Our pieces are made entirely by hand, many loving hands, for a single purpose: to make you feel as free as possible.

Inspiration & Personal ethnicity

I’ve always sought inspiration in folk and primitive cultures, in utilitarian garments of modern times. Much more than in the world of fashion, which I respect and admire, but it’s not where I belong.

I aim to create a personal culture, in which each piece reveals who we are: our gestures, our identity, our rhythms.
I’m fascinated by the textures of nature, and by the imprint that time leaves on surfaces, and by its effect on things and on people. The unique state of beauty that is achieved through the fusion of art and time.

I love to contemplate all forms of good art, which inspire me and bring me joy. But usually what I like, I cannot afford…
This being, my personal gallery is made up of the patterns the waves sketch on the beach, or of the deep forest where I find treasures comparable to those that I desire with the advantage that these treasures can also be my playthings.

The Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

Materials are cottons, linens, silks, woven, in all their different forms, textures and threads; sometimes even synthetics, just for fun. I focus on varying the scale, the proportions, and the finishing of those basic forms which I consider insuperable, and above all working the textile with the most exquisite manual techniques, from the primitive beeswax batik to the ancient shibori of Japan, with pigments ranging from the traditional plant-based to silicone, plaster and even iron oxide. The only rules are to maintain quality, guarantee comfort and create beauty. To achieve this, anything goes!

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