Amotea is a luxury eventwear brand founded in Rome in 2019 by its designer Diletta Amodei. Her greatest inspiration comes from the Eternal city, Rome, and the neoclassicism of which its gardens, art, history. The soul of the brand is made of romanticism, flowing silhouettes and ethereal beauty.

Handcrafted excellence is also a staple in Diletta Amodei’s work. Jewel buttons handcrafted by Milan-based company Ascoli, alongside bijoux and earrings, embellish the clothes, giving them light. The Peony, the symbol of the brand, is designed exclusively on tailor-made fabrics by Ratti, a company among the world's leading manufacturers of fabrics for the luxury market. All strictly made in Italy. 

The FW19/20 capsule collection will enhance Amotea’s mission of creating a unique wardrobe for special occasions, infused with elegance, classicism but with a contemporary twist.

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