Haute Couture Masks

The Breva project was created to satisfy the desire to bring high fashion in the protective mask accessory for civil use. Our products, designed and manufactured in Como from weaving to tailoring, are all strictly Made in Italy.

The Breva Como Face Mask :
-> is completely lined in silk and caresses your skin
-> is equipped with adjustable elastics designed not to cause ear irritation or discomfort
-> is tailored with fabrics which represent the excellence of Made in Italy

Every mask consists of three layers and is equipped with a pocket that houses two removable cotton filters with antibacterial and water-repellent treatment tested for 15 washes. The two filters are removable, washable at 86 °F and, in order to keep the water-repellent properties of the fabric intact, it is recommended to iron them at 158 °F after washing.

Due to their delicate quality, the mask’s fabrics cannot be washed in water. It is therefore recommended to sanitize the silk fabric that lines the inside of the mask by gently wiping it with a cloth soaked in alcohol.

The Breva mask is not a medical-surgical device or a personal protective device, but it is a face cover for civil use with the purpose of covering respiratory secretions. Therefore, compliance with the precautionary measures introduced due to the Covid-19 emergency, is recommended. For hygiene and safety reasons, the mask cannot be returned once opened.